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New 3:30 Classes Start September!

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Focus 60

This 60 minute class combines total body strength and cardio exercises making these workouts time efficient and well rounded. The focus for this class is to improve cardiorespiratory endurance and overall strength for members of all fitness levels.  Focus 60 classes will incorporate the use of cardio machines, free weights, medicine balls, bands, battle ropes, and more.

Tabata Fit

This 45 minute class incorporates the use of Tabata intervals that will make you sweat.  Tabata intervals are :20 seconds of hard work followed by :10 seconds of rest for 4 minutes at a time.  Tabata is a fun way to stir up your workout routine, proven to improve your fitness and will rev up your metabolism during class and long after it's over.  You will work your entire body and leave class feeling better than when you walked in!


This 45 minute class focuses on core engaging exercises and brings on the sweat with structured cardio.  Having strong core muscles are essential for daily activities and promoting stability and balance throughout the body.  Hard CORE will make you sweat and ignite your abdominals.

Focus Flex

This 60 minute class focuses primarily on strength training with a variety of equipment.  Strength training helps develop improved body mechanics, plays a role in disease prevention and maintains muscle mass.  Our trainers will target and challenge the muscles throughout your body within each class.

Stretch and Restore- Yoga

A 30 minute yoga session designed to refresh and restore your muscles, bringing balance to your mind and body.  Perfect for students of all levels.

Mindful Flow- Yoga

Slow paced yet challenging yoga class that focuses on connecting mind, body and breath.  This 60 minute class will include standing, seated and balancing poses with an emphasis on alignment as well as a brief meditation to begin class.  Students will build strength, flexibility, balance and a more complete understanding of there practice.  Open to all levels.

Rise and Flow- Yoga

This 60 minute yoga class is designed to awaken and energize your mind, body and breath.  Rise and Flow makes for a perfect way to begin your day.  All levels welcome.

Power Flow- Yoga

Start your morning off right with this energetic and dynamic class designed to build internal heat as well as improve strength, balance and endurance.  Open to all levels but come prepared to sweat!!

Candelight Yoga

A relaxing, recharging yoga class designed to get through to the weekend.