Kendyl Schwebke

Kendyl joined Focus on a recommendation from her friend and fellow Focus member, Cali Buchanan, and was hooked after the first class. Kendyl knew she was out of shape and wanted to lose weight, but didn't realize the results she experienced would be as dramatic. Not only did she lose 20 pounds in less than 3 months, but she has more energy, higher self esteem, and ambition. Kendyl experiences a sense of community at Focus, and is just a happier person overall.

Starting her day with an intense workout effects all of the decisions Kendyl makes for the rest of the day; From better meal choices, to stretching before bed. She is enjoying this new lifestyle that she can be proud of.

Kendyl's future goal is to get stronger and healthier. She knows that being at Focus, where giving up is not an option, and having a fun, positive, strong support group with the trainers/fellow members she can accomplish anything.


Mike Nihan

Meet Mike. He joined us shortly after we opened, and had started to transform his eating habits prior to joining. He has lost over 40 pounds and is down 2 pant sizes! His overall strength has increased tremendously, along with improved flexibility and his overall energy levels.

Mike has really enjoyed his time at Focus and added, “Corey and Lindsey are awesome! They make class fun, but also push you when needed, very attentive to make sure that you are lifting properly. My classmates have great personalities and very supportive, make class fun.”

Mike, we are incredibly thankful that you found us and are thrilled to be a partner in your health and fitness journey! Keep up the incredible work!


Jake Trom

Meet Jake Trom, a man you’d hardly recognize if you knew him before 2017. Jake has an incredible journey from 307 pounds, to under 200! He went from a size 3X to a Medium, and size 42 jeans to a 34. In September 2016, Jake began his transformation journey, which included working with the trainers of Focus.

When asked about Focus, he has to say, “These trainers, that have come into our lives, have been nothing (and I mean nothing) short of amazing.. I find my inspiration with my dad, Heather, our wonderful kids and the tremendous folks I have the privilege to workout with.” We are very proud of all of Jakes accomplishments and are incredibly thankful to have Jake, and his family at Focus!